Use What You’ve Got!



We are constantly being inundated with pictures, videos, articles, and news of the bigger, better, faster, and sleeker that it can be sensory overload to the point of distraction in our lives. With all that there is to see, many times we miss what is right in front of us.

Stop. Unplug. Examine the people, things, and ideas that God has perfectly ordered in your life. God’s instruction to us is always in the realm of stewardship. If we are always looking at what we don’t have or thinking that making another purchase, or building another space is the key to success, you and I will miss the blessing of just using what God has already provided.

To Moses, it was, “What is in thine hand?” To David it meant being satisfied with what he had proved. To Gideon it was losing the excess that he was trusting in so that he could see God at work.

The consistent nature of God is seen clearly in His perfect interactions with mankind in His Word.

Some think that being visionary is being able to see beyond what you are and have today, but it is more than that. It’s being able to see what’s been overlooked and implementing it the way God wants us to for impact today.

God’s path for me in ministry has been just to leverage what is in front of me so that God can get the glory in it. That what He wants anyway isn’t it?

As we close out the year, perhaps a good exercise of personal reflection for us all would be to, instead of shooting for bigger and better to top ourselves from last year’s events, activities, and purchases, determine not to miss, use, and faithfully steward what our awesome God has already provided for us.

Let’s not miss the miracle of the life already all around us.

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