Practical Christianity- a study in James


James- Practical Christianity Series Main Title

It’s easy to become a Christian because Christ did all the work for us. We couldn’t save ourselves and we don’t keep ourselves saved, it’s all in Christ.

The Christian life however isn’t an easy one to live. God has called us out of darkness and into His marvelous light to live soberly, godly, and righteously in the present world we are living in. We can only do this because we have access to His grace through Jesus Christ, and we have an indwelling person in us called the Holy Spirit who enables us to do as the Word of God instructs because He has written it on our hearts.

Every Christian struggles with their enemies- the world, the flesh, and the Devil, and we must all equip ourselves with the Practical Truths of Scripture to live a victorious Christian life.

In this sermon series we explore the book of James and discover the truths of Scripture for living out Practical Christianity. Join us Sunday evenings at 5pm or through our podcast!


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