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“Daddy, Help!”

After a wonderful visit with my family in western Pennsylvania over Thanksgiving, my family acquired the ever so exciting stomach bug. Late Saturday night it struck two of my girls simultaneously, as my wife and two other children were already dealing with it and trying to recover. Startled out of a half-asleep daze I heard […]

Thanks for letting Daddy See

“Thanks for letting Daddy see…”

It happens sometimes as Dads doesn’t it? We just aren’t paying attention the way we should be. Sometimes the burden of responsibilities can pull our attentions away from the most important things God wants us to see. Busyness can actually blur our vision. So was the case recently in my life… You know how it […]


The Best Day Ever

“My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways.” -Proverbs 23:26 Recently my son Micah and I had the opportunity to spend the day together for his birthday. He just turned eight, and I am amazed to listen to him speak and hear about how he views the world we live in. […]


Riding the Carousel

Before our weekly discipleship meeting with some new converts in our church we snuck away for some much needed family time together. We all have busy schedules and it is often hard to have relational time that isn’t related to one or all of our daily work. I’m glad for candid moments like this one […]

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